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I don't see what's so bad about this girl who is with Donald Sterling. She got a racist fired. That's great. We need more girls to go around "setting up" these old, fat, white racists who are in positions of power. I hope she gets some of his money too and I also hope he gets diabetes or something. Okay, so yeah she has an accent but somehow I'm okay with that. There should be laws where anything you do to get rid of racists is just plain okay.

Also Hoskins was great as Mario Mario from the Mario Brothers movie. He will be missed.

Also also for the poll: I understand wanting to watch the guy feel some pain. It's not right, but I mean watching a guy get injected and then basically fall asleep isn't going make me feel like justice was served. If it was my sister or something, I mean.

In general though I don't really want there to be pain, but I mean, if there's a little pain right before a guy dies I'm not going to freak out about it. Unless it's like really fucked up. Like his balls explodes or like his spine shoots up out of his mouth a full 2 feet in the air and then lands right back down into his open mouth and he chokes on it. Definitely if something like that happened I'd be like, woah guys, maybe we need to change our practices or something.

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