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Originally Posted by Amravanti View Post
I don't see what's so bad about this girl who is with Donald Sterling. She got a racist fired. That's great. We need more girls to go around "setting up" these old, fat, white racists who are in positions of power. I hope she gets some of his money too
do you honestly think she set out to 'set up an old fat white racist??'

i guess my idea of feminism is wayyyyy off as i was under the impression she was just some skank bitch who fucked old rich white dudes and when it neared the end suddenly grew a concious.

loved keet and christ break this one down. she exposed an old school racist who should be penalized for being so awful but what does it say that she was fucking this bastard. fully knowing his awfulness?

miss uncle tom? is that a thing? i feel like it is now
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