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Originally Posted by Lord of the Cock Rings View Post
Rich people who do wrong should be EXTRA fucked over because they are rich?

Go fuck yourself

Point is, it was a private moment between the old fella and his mistress which she released to humiliate him and it totally fucking worked!!
Everyone now knows what Donald Sterling says in private and he's been publicly shamed.
Yes. Yes they should. Donald Sterling is a prominent public figure who likes to stick his dick into multiple women. If he's going to be that wreckless with his mouth, then fuck him, he deserves to be hung drawn and quartered.

The man has form - having expressed racist views going back to the 1960's! That kind of race hate needs to be called out and trounced no matter where it is expressed. Fuck him - take his team from him and leave him destitute.

You reckon a couple of those cock rings of yours are digging into your hard on there mate?
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