Thread: 82: RIP Danny?
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As soon as Danny asked Keith the proudness question I knew the hilariousness was about to be taken up a notch (above even the top notch, since this show is always on the toppest of notches) but I didn't expect it to go up five whole notches. For that whole bit it was like someone took a voodoo doll of my face and pulled a big ol' continuous goofy-ass grin across it. I couldn't stop smiling if I tried. My cheeks were cramping. As the great John 'Mellencamp' Cougar once wrote, "It hurt so good ... come on TTSWD you make it hurt so good." (Oh, free quote idea for next episode Danny ... you're welcome.)

Speaking of "so good", I'm with you on many things Danny 'Danny The Hatch Hatch' Hatch, but the extent to which Dr Megaphone is no longer welcome in the lives of this listener is not one of them.
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