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Here's Dhanni (pronounced Danny - I think) Harrison's band: TheNewNo2 (The new number 2)

I like it. It's an older song of his. It's a bit 90's, but I like the video and politics and the fact George's son isn't some rich trusty twat like Ozzy's kids..

Also, DUDE! Doesn't Dhanni look exactly like his dad??

I secretly wish all the Beatles had kids that looked exactly like them and they went on tour and played covers. Just to experience that madness.

I recently watched The Rolling Stones' Charlie is My Darling. It's a 1965 video of their tour in Ireland. It's like right as they were breaking. OMG! Girls at their shows were losing their goddamn fucking minds! I've been to a lot of show, but never seen this level of madness before. Guys were jumping on stage and tackling the band. It's worth a watch.

Keith Richards and Mick Jagger and The Beatles and Pink Floyd...Man. You just don't get any bigger. They invented 'Rock Star.'

We have all this new music, but we don't have the icons that these guys were. Bigger than life!

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