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Originally Posted by Karl View Post
I guess the question is, why did they make an app for iOS before Android, when there are more than 4 times more people using Android than iOS?
Doug volunteered his time and built a large part of the iOS app already. We needed to add some graphics and ship it so it was fairly easy to publish the app.

Daniel is volunteering his time building the Android app and we're working hard to get this out. There's a lot of core functionality that needs to be built since this is being published with VIP services. Once we get the first version out we'll have a strong base to work with. Subsequent versions should be released faster.

Originally Posted by theycallmepyro View Post
I believe there was an Android app in the works for a while, but it got canned. I can't wait for this. Fuck iOS.
Daniel has been working on this app on and off for a while. It took us a few tries to connect because he needed me to develop some API resources for the app. To be honest, I was flooded with other KATG projects and dropped the ball on this a few times before we finally got this going, thanks in large part to his persistence.

Originally Posted by da_ticklah View Post
Talking to the folks who code the mobile app for my employer the feeling is that in general Android development is harder, more variations in OS there are still gingerbread based devices being sold, many different screen sizes etc...

Android (operating system) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In IOS there are 2 iPhone screen resolutions to deal with and on iPad there are 2 as well. Makes it easier to line things visually up when you have to code for less variables.
I believe that it is harder to code for Android because of the reasons you stated but I honestly don't know all the complexities involved. I think many of those issues are now manageable by building a flexible interface to account for the difference screen sizes. We're also targeting the newest OS builds so that removes another layer of complexity.