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Ugh. This episode hurt me. I've been listening since episode #2 and always loved Patrice Thursdays but she has gotten weird over time.

I've known shady people like that before and it's just fucking gross. People like that don't really give a shit about friends, it's more about "what can I get out you" and she can blame her upbringing or her anxiety or whatever but in the end, you're a fucking adult. Fuck you.

I had a person I knew for almost a decade whom I lived with and loved dearly and considered my best friend fuck me over for almost $2,000 (by lying about rent and security things) when I told him I had to move out because I couldn't afford sharing the apartment with him anymore. I feel bad for Aldo, but he learned a (costly) lesson and maybe this will help him from falling for someone like that in the future.

I know it doesn't account for much in the grand scheme of things but I unfollowed her on twitter before I even heard this episode just from hearing the teaser to it in a previous episode because I knew that it was going to be about her doing shady shit that ended your friendship and not something like KatG just decided randomly that she was a cunt.

Also that whole thing Keith said about, well if you want me to forgive her, how bout YOU guys pay me back? is right fucking on. I went through the same thing because this person is still in my circle of friends and that sucks that I'M expected to just pretend like it never happened.
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