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Myq [6/10] Not preparing, as a bit, is pretty played out, so if you're going to play it you better nail the eff out of it and Myq doesn't really get there. The mirroring of Keith's best offs concept is solid though, and Myq's always a magnetic stage presence, so even when he doesn't kill he's good to watch.

Micah [6/10] I love him and the character was a fun idea but the Keith joke didn't land and the Chemda stuff wasn't funny enough to override the creepiness. I did like the intentional(?) use of the 2 min cut-off for comedic effect though.

Chris [7/10] He's very enjoyable to watch/hear, and what we heard of his material was stronger than either of the previous comics, but the KATG element was barely connected and his pacing was a little slow, which only made the cut off even more frustrating.

Michael [8/10] The fact he wasn't the smoothest actually worked well with the concept and every time he took one of those asides it delighted me. Bummer about the cut off but he gets a bonus point for not being a pro and for his promo efforts on KATG this week.

Mike [9/10] What a goddamn pro. Perfect pacing, perfect timing, perfect beard. Would have been a 10 but a couple of the punchlines were just a touch soft. Just a touch though.

Mike & Brandon [7/10] Very fun energy but as a racist I've never seen a Tyler Perry movie so the references flew over my head. If there had been an attempt at a Keith impression that wouldn't have mattered as much, but as it was the concept didn't fly. Some nice jokes though, and even with the cut off the final line worked.

Katherine [7/10] I hate comedic poetry but I love her so this was oddly uncomfortable to listen to. Also, her face is so nice to look at but the dark glasses hurt her stage presence so this was oddly uncomfortable to watch. Tough to score.

Danny [8/10] Kissing Keith on the cheeks was hilarious but his salvo of opening burns on Mike didn't land for me, which felt odd since Mean Danny is usually one of my favourite things. But then his angle on JFOD was great and his burns on Liam, Victor and Andrea were perfect. He fucked himself with the cut off though.

Emily [7/10] What the eff with that dress focusing all the visual energy between her legs? How is that even fair? On the plus side her delivery is magnetic and her material was very fun.

Matteo [6/10] Seemed underprepared and started half-assedly but eventually got me on board with that ridiculous "note", and mad kudos by the way to whoever cut the video so that it went to that wide shot of someone walking by (with antlers?) in the middle of it, giving it a visual punchline to go with the aural one.

Andrea [8/10] Of all on the night this was maybe the strongest, most confident performance from start to finish. She has killer stage presence, the extra prep to bring in the audio and play off it physically paid off beautifully and even if her burn on Ray wasn't a total bullseye her energy sold it well. If it hadn't been for her missing the cut off she'd have a 9 and be challenging Mike for first place.

Myka [8/10] What a killer. Not everything landed but even for those that didn't her magnificent ballsiness carried the momentum over until the next one did.

JFOD [7/10] He has the most natural stage charisma of anyone who was there that night but the material was barely KATG-connected and not as strong as the best of the bunch.

Chemda [Aces10] Love her to bits.

Keith [Aces10] Best host ever did.
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