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I wasn't particularly impressed with the treatment of the Dawn/Don story. And I was especially surprised to hear that Chemda didn't push back on Keith's impression and interpretation of the story.
Although the details of the story are true and there is humour in it, Keith's "I'm a lady now I'm a man" impression just reinforces a lot of really negative stereotypes about transgender people, which in previous shows Keith, Chemda, Lauren and Danny have tried to dispel.
A singular story like this sends out the message that being transgender is a humorous mix up and really men should stick to being men and vice versa with women. Being transgender can be confusing and seemingly difficult to figure out, but not for those reasons.

I kind of expected better during Pride month, but I know that the good the show has done about trans* issues (Lauren and multiple eps of What's My Name) outweigh the harm of this single story.
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