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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
He came to work as Don. Then as Dawn. Then as Don again. Then as Dawn again. In that time he said he had amnesia and his wife made him think he was one of those Dawns by dressing him up and changing his ID.

It's a little silly to pretend he/she/he/she is a poor transgender that I'm picking on. Don/Dawn/Don/Dawn is a silly goofball that's making the workplace very odd.
I wonder if they came into work, having transitioned suddenly, and were subjected to a lot of office gossip and bullying.
The amnesia story struck me as a desperate attempt to back peddle from someone who was deeply embarrassed about the way people saw them.

I don't think this is just a nutter who's trying to disrupt the workplace. I think it's someone who's experiencing gender dysphoria and the reaction they got when trying to express themselves was too overwhelming.
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