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Originally Posted by J. Canines View Post
There are many descriptors for Myq Kaplan.

However. Wordsmith. Vegan. and Polyamorous Nerd Pimp are the most immediate, in this fan's mind.

It's just a shame he's on HUAR's list. Cyborg's are HALF human after all.
indeed! so far so good over here though.


Originally Posted by Aussichik View Post
I am glad that Myq was honest, but I think Katharine is just the best.
I don't think these things are mutually exclusive. Thanks for your gladness and thoughts! Enjoy!

Originally Posted by WittyReference View Post
For someone who loves precise word usage, man Myq can take a long time to make his point.
1) Sometimes it's about the journey, not the destination.
2) Sometimes Keith interrupts with his own journstination. And we have a fun conversation.
3) I wouldn't use the word "precise" to describe how I love my word usage, precisely. But you are welcome to. (A fun precision joke. Or if the word "fun" is not as precise as you would like, I understand that.)
4) Sincerely, is there a point that I took a while to make that you would like to hear made more quickly? Happy to provide.

Thanks for listening, all!
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