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Originally Posted by TeddyPicker View Post
I kind of expected better during Pride month, but I know that the good the show has done about trans* issues (Lauren and multiple eps of What's My Name) outweigh the harm of this single story.
If only there were room, in the thirty days that constitute Pride Month, for humor.

It would be interesting to hear Lauren's take on this story. Personally, I see no semblance between him and some guy, (who all his co-workers known is identifying male) suddenly walking into the office - dressed as a woman.

It's interesting you bring up gender dysphoria. That is a new word to many people on this forum. Could be applicable to this story. Might not be. Whether this person is experiencing it or not; to ignore the absolute fact that a person walked into the work place as a man, the entire time; then suddenly, (with no mention of his intention nor a courteous heads up) came in dressed as a woman - is cause for attention.

All genders should be treated equally. Absolutely. However, treating equally means that just like everyone else; we talk openly. We joke openly. We discuss. Being politically correct does no good. It is a velvet rope that cuts and separates the very people it is trying to protect. It removes them.

Wagging the PC finger-O-shame does no good. Now. Discussing this gender dysphoria and how it may apply - that might.
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