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Keith was awesome on Beige Philip. I also think that Mara has to sell her brand. She is on and promoting a show where Dante is giving men advice on dating and relationships. She can't very well say that she isn't into Dante and its never going to happen. It would weaken the brand.

I never got into the idea of happy-ending massages. But a happy-ending massage where you get to rub the "masseuse's" butt while she mocks you. That is exactly the kind of weird sexual interaction I'd be willing to pay top dollar for.

Dave Chappelle interview, I was going back through all the interviews Dave Chappelle did on youtube, then came across an edited version of the time he was Interviewed by James Lipton. (it starts around 3:30) In the interview he touched on a lot of points and makes it easy to infer the reasons why he left. But he also explicitly says; "... and they don't know what happened. I have not spoken about what would make a person walk of the set of a successful show and go to Africa." So Keith, you were right. I was just inferring all this time.
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