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Originally Posted by shoebootie View Post
Emmy's patriotic anti-student-loans rant is beautiful. EMMY FOR PRESIDENT.

I almost got swindled into a pyramid scheme of selling perfumes when I was 18 years old. Even then in the meeting when they were telling me how I'd have my own store if I sold enough, I knew it was shit, and discovered that this is probably where the knock-off perfume kiosks in the mall come from.

I actually got schemed out of some money when I was bedridden with flu/pneumonia and was fever high and had no idea what I agreed to on the phone. I couldn't cancel whatever weird service I signed up for that took $10 a month out of my bank account, my bank wouldn't stop the transactions from happening, so I just closed my account and went to a new bank. Cut 'em off at the source.
I just found out my roommate had to do something similar. She cancelled her health insurance in January, sent emails, phone calls, mailed paperwork and they've charged her over a thousand dollars. She had the bank cancel any charges they make now they are sending her collection fees because they can't change her account. It's insane.
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