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I've been enjoying the back and forth on all of the issues from Cumia's "freedom of speech" and the women working suing the bar. It seems like everyone takes the night off and recharges their batteries and tries to think of new scenarios to change each other's minds and then we still end up in a weird stalemate.

Is the crux of the discussion just the idea of the word "surprised"? Keith keeps going back to that phrasing saying women shouldn't be surprised to be violated in these sexy clubs. And Chemda has said a few times that as a woman every time you're harassed is surprising.

Is that the key to all of this? The definition of "surprise"?

Also, does Keith think it's impossible to reign the guys in and get them to behave at these clubs? Or is it just that the club owners would never really consider that anyway because it would cut into their profits if they started enforcing the rules?

I feel like the ladies are doing the right thing in suing if they want the work place environment to change. It will be interesting to see if it makes the club lose revenue once men realize that you can't go there and be an animal I wonder if they'll just stop attending all together.

I do get Keith's point about everyone jumping right to "you're saying it's okay for women to be raped" though. I never got that from his point even the elements of it that I disagree with. And I think once you accuse someone of that it typically shuts down all conversation on the topic. Glad to see everyone working through it b/c these discussions don't happen very often in any medium and it's really interesting to see people grind through it.

Great shows and I love how despite everything Keith and Chemda (and guests) are able to keep the entire thing funny while debating.
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