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The last strip club I went to had heavy enforcement of the 'no touching' rule. There were multiple bouncers walking around the room the whole time. I'm sure some people are allowed to touch, but with the stripper's permission. My point is that it is possible to run a strip club and still enforce no touching. Apparently people still show up.

I hear Keith's side as, enforcing no touching or not, strippers are still going to be touched. It is inevitable and silly to think it is never going to happen.

Chemda is just fighting for the right of women to work there and not be touched.

It comes down to basic risk versus reward. Should men respect women's boundaries at all times. Sure. Is that always going to happen when a guy is drunk with a naked woman grinding on him and the only consequence is getting kicked out. Probably some men will try to touch at some time. That's it.
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