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2016: Shake It Off

What? You mean a guy said something they thought their girlfriend wanted to hear instead of giving their own opinion on a topic?


So we're all in agreement that it's not right what these guys (customers and management) are doing and we also agree that the women probably had an idea what could happen to them on one level or another when they applied for the job. My question is, is this the only place where a woman shouldn't be too surprised if they end up being harassed? What other job positions should this expectation cover?

The women who work at Hooters are also made to dress provocatively and at the same time the majority of the customers that visit are males. What's stopping these men at Hooters from grabbing their waitresses' tits and ass when she brings them their drinks? Are the men that go there just classier and have more respect for women than the guys that go to strip clubs? Sure, there are vastly different situations going on at each establishment, one has scantily clad women grinding on poles and the other has women in tight fitting clothes serving food, but the reasoning behind it is the same; get guys all horned up so they give a bigger tip/spend more money. I guess I just don't see where the respect to be able to look and not touch ends and the expectation of harassment begins.

I'm definitely more on Chemda's side of this argument in that no one, regardless of place of employment, should be subjected to that type of treatment by customers or their management. Yet, I see Keith's point (I think) as, out of any job in the world, the risk of being verbally and/or physically harassed is drastically increased in the strip club type of environment.

Women who apply for those types of jobs aren't stupid. They know just how harassing and degrading some men can be just by walking down the street on a regular basis. I don't think they're upset that they were pinched or grabbed, I think they're upset because there was no boundary set or enforced by their management or a clear and concise layout of what's considered going too far, resulting in an unsafe work environment.

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