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I found this a very difficult episode to listen to because of the negativity towards AA. There wasn't much of what was said that I agree with or have experienced myself in AA and I worry that the discussion could put people off who really need it.

The comment about real addiction being as rare as someone who eats so much that they get stuck in their house seems excessive to me. I have only heard of this happening a handful of times, so does Joe really believe that there are only a handful of real addicts in the world? Why should I have to drink to the point of death before I can get help for an addiction? My Mum is a ‘functioning’ alcoholic and it effects everybody around her and has shaped my entire life, but according to Joe this isn't real addiction.

I don’t want to comment on every point that Joe made because this is a forum not somewhere to post open letters, but I want people to know that Joe’s view of AA seems very distorted by his own issues and he seems to be picking out all the negatives and not highlighting the positives. I went into AA when I was 29 when Joe would rather I drank for another 20 years to prove that I am really an addict. It has changed my life completely. And Keith, don’t worry my higher power isn't a lamp, but it’s also not a man sitting on a cloud with a beard.

Thank you Chemda for trying to balance things and not let the episode resort to AA bashing.
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