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Regarding the Vince Vaugn "gay" car joke, the problem is that some people don't see the word as having multiple meanings, while others do. So you get a clash of opinions on the meaning of the word. An example of when people accept that a word can have two connotations would be "black". There is a big difference between a "black" car (color), or a "black" car (style). It's similar to the South Park episode about the word "Fag". Both "Gay" and "Fag" can have two completely different connotations based on how they are used. Sure, the joke could have been said as "Dude, that car is very effeminate." Or "Dude, that car is very wussy." But that doesn't have the same comic punch as "Dude, that car is gay." When I heard that joke, I didn't think "Dude, that car is a loving homosexual relationship that should be respected." I heard, "Dude, that car is wussy." Same word, two completely different meanings. Same as Fag. Fag = asshole, or Fag = hatred for a homosexual. Either everyone will accept that these words will have only one meaning (such as the N-word), or we'll all accept that the words can have multiple meanings (such as pussy, black, white, bitch, cunt), or we'll just continue like we are and disagree about whether or not "Gay" and "Fag" can have multiple meanings. Hell, even the word "Friend" can have two completely opposite meanings based on the tone.
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