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I had a roommate who tried to sell me 'premium speakers' which were actually the knock-off kind people try to sell you from the back of their vans. The story of how he got them (his friend worked in an electronics store that was closing, so they gave him electronics instead of pay) didn't really hold up under questioning, and when I googled the brand name a lot of red flags came up. What kind of idiot tries to scam the person who is going to be living next to you for the foreseeable future? Of course he never sold them and even left them behind when he got evicted.

I was also briefly involved in a ponzi scheme online. A website was promising impossible returns on an ad-clicking business. One member was offering $10 to anyone who would sign up under his referral. So I signed up and invested like $8 and sure enough, next week the US Department of Justice shut the website down. So I made $2 or so...

Growing up in a city, you get used to ignoring people coming at you with flyers or weird stories asking for money.
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