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88: Chemda Is Always Right

You lookin’ for a party, bro? Well you’ve FOUND yourself a party. And that party is Episode 88 of That’s the Show with Danny: all inclusive, feels exclusive. That’s our motto here on the show, as of the last five seconds when I thought of it and typed it down. I’m sitting in a Starbucks right now. But I digress. This week on the show, it’s Chemda, Keith, and Danny helping you help others have a good time (by laughing out loud in public and making infectious your joy). Listen to us talk about which drugs I would and wouldn’t do, and my possible lifestyle change into being a man who wears dresses in public. We also make history by switching up the show’s dynamic. Finally, we jam to an excellent song by the band Menomena! You guys and gals and what-have-yous are really going to love this one!

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