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69: My Buddy

Sharing a bathroom, MDMA, possible date rape, and Elvis Jr. The Brolo most certainly loves YOU most.

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Hey Brolo!
Love love love the show! So glad to hear your perspective on relationships and life, even if I don't always agree with you! :P
My name is Anna, I'm 21 and I've been dating my boyfriend for just over 5 months now. We got in a drunken disagreement the other night, and we were hoping you would settle it for us!
So I have roommates and one bathroom, so occasionally someone is in the shower when my boyfriend is over and has to pee. His solution has been to pull a milk jug out of the recycling and pee in it... Much to my displeasure. He's never made me deal with the pee jug or anything like that, it just bothers me on principal when my roommates are around and could catch him in the act or see the jug.
In my opinion, you can wait until the bathroom is open. He says that it's urgent and since he's dealing with it anyway, it's going to be his pants or the jug. Haha!
What's your perspective on this? Am I just being a prude or does he need to learn to hold it?

Dear Bother Love
It's been a while since I've wrote to you, I've been in a moving phase so it's been hard to listen to any shows. My bother and I have been stuck in this small town Stanton TX, we've had a lot of time on our hands he writes his own music and I play video game. Since I've beaten all my games twice! I've gotten bored and would love to join my brother but when I think of music to sing my head goes blank and I end up just looking like a dumbass. Do you have any advise to help me write music? It would be so cool if my brother and I could make music together. Always love the show and I'm having so much fun catching up on yours, OH and I got my brother addicted to your music his loving it.
Peace Love And the Brother Love OWWWER!
Pic below: Clairy Brown & The Bangin' Rackettes
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