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I second trying coke. I'm not a drug type person (I don't like weed, rarely drink, don't smoke cigarettes) and I tried what I was told was "good" coke once at a bachelor party. I felt extremely anxious going in because my god, it's cocaine just like in the movies, I'm gonna go crazy! But it ended up being great. And by great, I mean it was simply good. I didn't turn into some cartoon talking fast and playing with my nose and furiously scribbling sketch ideas onto a napkin. It amplified the already good feelings I was having by hanging out with my best friends, and it gave me plenty of energy and presence to still be a gas to hang out with. It didn't necessarily help me stay focussed on anything, but whatever! It was party times! And when it was over, I wasn't at the bottom of a deep well of melancholy, nor was I fiending for another bump. I just felt a little tired. I would definitely do it again, but like Keith I wouldn't seek it out or do it by myself at home or anything like that.
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