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How Bill Clinton makes over $150,000,000.00

Hey Keith and Chemda,

Love the show, almost never comment, but I just thought I'd give some insight into how the Clintons make so much money speaking WITHOUT necessarily being backed by specific corporate interests. Probably about 4 years ago Bill Clinton came through my home town (Victoria, British Columbia) to give a speech. Being a (relatively) respected ex President and Rhodes scholar (aka smarty pants) he managed to draw a crowd of at least 10,000 filling a local stadium. Tickets having cost upwards of $175 per person, just to see a guy speak for 75 minutes, doing the math he made 1.75 million for ONE speaking engagement! After 100 speeches he's made $175 million even without wallstreet/corporate interest backing. They still could be on top of their speaking engagements, and Hillary's comments were incredibly ignorant and ridiculous, but wanted to make a point that they are able to generate that sort of income all on their own!
LOVE you guys.

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