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90: Bend and Snap

Well hello, again! Itís another Thursday! Youíre probably listening to this and already dreading that wicked hangover youíre going to have tomorrow morning at work! Thatís okay! That just means you donít have Ebola and that everything is functioning per usual. So. What a big show this was. Original co-host Libby is back in town, and she did us the favor of fitting the show into her schedule between drinking coffee and being half-deaf. Oh, Libby. Youíre half-deaf. But thatís funny! Libby is charming and very funny and Iím totally cool with being friends and nothing else with her, and why is everybody making it so weird, and also is it hot in here? Anyway, what else do we have? A surprisingly excellent monologue: check. Fun, good-natured banter between the Morning Zoo Crew: check. Danny once again tricking himself into thinking everyone will fall head-over-heels in love with the Song of the Week and then acting like a sullen little baby when they donít: check, please! Oh, folks. This show has it all. Heart, humor, and one-sided sexual tension. Get it while itís fresh. Iím slowly dying.

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