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Originally Posted by Enunciated Piffle View Post
I like many different musical genres and love seeing live music but have found two genres that lack in the 'live music' dept. Hip hop and electronic are among the WORST to see live. Love them, but not live. That's me.

Seems like you guys are into varied whatnot. What's your favorite show? What's that live show that really defined your musical taste and possibly seared into your cranium on a 'defining self' type level?
I was classically trained in piano since age 5, but didn't play any jazz or do any improvisation until I was in my early teens. When I started performing live jazz/rock fusion in high school, I developed an ever-lasting love for the style. I saw Manteca, a Toronto-based latin-jazz band, and was hooked. I enjoy music on a "creativity & technical difficulty/complexity" level, which sounds pompous but really isn't; I just get something different out of music than others do.
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