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Iliza Schlesinger was brought up on this ep.

She is a gorgeous blonde female comedian. She played a large part on a very important stand up comedy documentary: I Am Comic.

Her story as a starving road comic/ pot head/ comedy store person was very moving.

However. As a comedy fan, after watching the film and then seeing her special "War Paint" on Netflix, I was less than impressed.

I'd love to hear a podcast with both nerds like Micah, (whom I love very much) and this new breed of sexy comic, (you're Iliza/ Natasha Leggero/ etc

It used to be that comedy only came from obviously / physically flawed comedian, but now we are entering an age where the 'flaw' might not exist/ and/ or only be perceived by artist...?

How do you feel about this new dynamic, Myq? Has the comedian's appearance changed? Or is it simply that stand up has become more pervasive in culture?

I grew up on the concept of 'flawed' comedian. Is this a narrow view?
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