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I loved this episode. Chris is a great guest and I hope he returns soon.

May I suggest Ms. 'Murica contestant #1:


The Feds found 4600 pot plants growing in 3 south central Idaho corn fields a few weeks ago. That's $13.8 million bucks that Idaho could've sold to Colorado (wouldn't that make them drug dealers though?) or if it was at least legal in the medicinal sense in Idaho, it could've been sold and the tax money could go to fixing our schools since Idaho is ranked 50th in the nation on amount spent on each child for education.

Yet millions are spent on the "Go On" campaign to encourage college attendance among Idaho graduates.


Speaking of education, or lack thereof, in Idaho, a few schools are now hosting PE classes online due to a levy vote failing this month and for not having enough staffing funds for teachers.

By the way, this is all happening while Gov. Butch "Bitch" Otter is spending $1 million on his fight against marriage equality in the 9th district court (which is more than likely going to be ruled unconstitutional by the justices and I can't wait to see the look on his stupid hypocritical face once it does).
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