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I gotta preface this with saying that I love Chris 'Snake Dick' Iacono. He's always a great guest and glad he's back. I have even added "Must see a Snake Dick comedy show/ see Snake Peen" before I die, onto my bucket list.

This being said, I heard Chris mention he is a libertarian. I used to be one, as well. It's an interesting political view point. It seems to promise a lot of freedom and I know there's a few KATG fans who identify with this party.

I wonder though. When you continuously hear about all these horrible parents: beating, neglecting, and throwing kids away, how does this affect your politics? I mean, libertarianism demands smaller government. Smaller means less social programs. It is sad, but we need things like Child Protective Services to call when we see our neighbors beating their kid, right?

Oh. On a different note. Chemda was hilarious and fucking killed it!
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