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Originally Posted by Sexy_Potatoe_with_an_E View Post
It's the same kind of shit that turns people into slave-owners, tyrants, crooked cops and Nazis, the "everyone is doing it—oh, fuck, oh holy shit, what have i have I done?," susceptibility of the human mind to do terrible, horrific shit because our brains are that dumb.
This is a great analogy. Agreed.

Humans really are pack animals. There's a lot of group think out there and it's important to teach younger, more susceptible minds to be wary and speak their mind when their conscience is mumbling, "You know this is fucked up, right?" I wonder if these frats have a few sociopaths that then encourage rape on younger dumber dudes, or what?

What's odd to me is that in over two decades of taking recreational drugs; I have never been offered roofies. I've been offered everything from coke and heroin to DMT. I can't even imagine how one offers these drugs. I suppose it's the company you keep. "Hey do you have a hard time getting laid? Well then just give em these drugs and rape them..." Frats really are the worst.

I liked how the subject of "It's not rape if the person is unconscious" was brought up. This an extremely dangerous notion and it makes me sad that one of my favorite comedians, (Ari Shaffir) seemed to be a proponent of this, on a previous KATG ep.

After being horrified by the rape intro; I did enjoy the drug stories. Good ep!
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