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I am exactly like Chemda in terms of not wanting a single iota of info about the movie I am about to go watch. Or a TV show. Or an album I've been looking forward to. My brother feels the need to divulge whatever small morsels of information he can about something he has seen and wants me to see.

Bro : "You should totally see <Mr Black> movie."
Me: "OK. If you like it, sounds good to me."
Bro: "They blab on about non important stuff like how the guys parents died an..."
Me: "Ok, stop. I will watch it. I don't want anything spoiled."
Bro: "It's not a spoiler! It's not like I told you how at the end the guys best friend..."
Me: "Ok, so now I know his best friend will survive whatever happens throughout the entire movie. Shut the fuck up."
Bro: "You are so sensitive."

Trailers are bad enough as it is. And after an episode of Walking Dead or whatever, I have to stick my fingers in my ears like a jackass and make loud humming noises so my wife can watch what will happen in the next episode. You've already got my attention AMC - I'm not going to stop watching suddenly unless you lay out the exact outline of the next episode.

What I mean is, great show Danny. I love when you are a guest on KATG as it feels like we are gettin another Danny episode. I've been quiet on the forums and chat for a few months but by geez, you really are fantastic.
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