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I had to laugh at the hotmail account stuff. In 2003 my brother came over and said a co-worker was on safari in Africa and gave the office his contact info while he'd be there. My brother wanted to see pictures from the hunt so he asked to use my computer.

I turn it on and leave the room. One minute later my brother calls me in and asks how to get on the internet. I go back, startup firefox, click on the address bar, tell him to type the address in there, and then walk out of the room. I get just down the hall when I hear, "WHAT THE FUCK?"

I turn back and see my redneck brother staring at a screen full of gay XXX porn. He went to

I shut off the computer and explained that he had been given an e-mail address, not a website address. If he wanted pictures, he'd have to create an e-mail account and request them. That did indeed end the discussion on my brothers side, but I had to ask, "Didn't you think the address was strange?"

My brother said, "Yeah, but when I typed it in it showed a muscular guy with his shirt off and asked me if I wanted to Enter or Exit. I figured Corey (his friend) must be into that kind of stuff so I just clicked Enter."
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