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100: The Big One

Hello and welcome to a very special 100th episode of Thatís the Show with Danny. Iím here, youíre here, Keith and Chemda are here, and Mike Guild is here. What a fun episode. This was Mikeís first time on any KATG Network show and he was an absolute champ. Listen up if you like hearing about my questionable sexuality, terrifying indie pop-scored drug trips, Mikeís history with women, and how much fun everyone's having just being in each others' company. Gosh. I donít know what else to say. I always try to make these episode descriptions more over-the-top than the last, but why not slow it down a bit for the centennial? It seems like the right thing to do. Maybe youíll be able to read this on your phone without it cutting off. No, probably not. Thatís okay, though. Get off your phone! Go experience life! Just continue listening to this show through headphones while you do so. As always, thank you so much for your love and support and for listening to me try and fail to introduce my own show 100 times. It really does mean the world to me. Hereís to another 2 or 3 episodes at least!

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