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Yeah, I was surprised to hear Chemda's argument about the feminist t-shirts, as well. I couldn't help but think that she was probably very quick to throw out some excuses because she likes the cause (i.e. feminism) whereas if they were working for a cause that she didn't care about, she probably wouldn't have been so quick to defend their actions.

By the way, the per capita income in Mauritius is $17,000 (Source: ). Someone earning $1/hour for work is earning about $2000 / year, assuming they work a 40 hour work week (which they probably aren't). Even if they work 80 hours/week (probably more accurate), they'd still only earn about $4000/year, or about 1/4th the per capita income for Mauritius.

To put that in perspective, the US per capita income is $54,000/year, so earning 1/4th of that would be like earning $13,000/year while working 80 hours a week in the US, or about $3.25 / hour.

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