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How could the USA be the greatest country in the world if in integral democratic process is so full of shit?

I mainly vote in city elections (mayoral races and neighbourhoods/councillors), because it's easy to tell when things get done. Just in the past few years, I've seen improvements in: expansions of pedestrian, cycling and transit networks, improved roads, new transportation systems, traffic calming, community crime prevention, safety and beautification, creation of new public spaces, growing green spaces, protection of water and sewer infrastructure, etc.

Keith, you may have more of a point when it comes to larger, nation-wide elections. But you're wrong about elections closer to home. And the election system in Canada isn't the best by any means. It needs a lot of improvement. But at least with some of the elections, you can go outside and see the changes being made each year. I know, I know. Sometimes it's nice to stay inside and blame everyone else.

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