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OMG, Danny. I know exactly what you're talking about when you mentioned people who say "oh, sorry, I was laughing at something else". It doesn't happen often, but it has to have happened to most people at least once, whether they realized it at the time or not.

It generally occurs in groups of people during parties or when there are multiple conversations happening in the same room. Different audio levels due to voices or media around you. Person 1 is talking to person 2, and then person 2 gets distracted by person 3 and tunes you out for a moment. Person 2 happens to laugh at something person 3 said, right when you, person 1, is saying something funny or meaningful too. Maybe they react in front of your face because you guys were having a conversation, but then look at the person they were actually reacting to. You think they're laughing at you but they were actually reacting to someone else.

It could involve two people as well, but instead of a third person, person 2 reacts to the TV or their phone instead of you, person 1.

I hope it doesn't happen too often to you, Danny
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