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Originally Posted by swiggy View Post
Holy shit Keith! I just watched the video (get VIP people, Danny's visual aid... ), no kidding that was similar. Only difference is we were all sober and I should have caught on to what was happening faster. Ophira was down to fuck at the start, I didn't realize it was leading up to fucking until the situation started. Communication, what the hell happened to that? I did, though, have a feeling something was up when the girl kept lengthening our get-together, listen to your gut people. Yet, I do have that story to tell.

Ophira's take on a Canadian threesome, I'm gonna have to agree.

Since I'm headed down the TMI train, to Katherine, I too lost my hymen unconventionally. The OB/GYN had to cut it due to it being a Septate hymen (apparently very rare: when it's like a bar right in the middle and will not break no matter what you do, other than to cut it). I used to call it my mighty hymen.

Imagine that as an X-Men power? What can you do? Oh, my hymen can't break. Lamest superpower ever.

Also pointing out this is the perfect 69th post. I'll stop now.
Awesome - Mighty Hymen's unite!!!
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