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Great show Brolo - really enjoyed hearing about you meeting Steven Tyler and seeing him at work.

I met Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins once and had a whole day to think about what I would say to him as it was part of a meet & greet I had won. We were not allowed to shake his hand as they didn't want him getting sick before the show and we were given 30 seconds to say something to him: "Thank you so much for your music, you are a huge inspiration, .." is what I said a million miles an hour with the voice of a pre-pubescent girl. Then it was smile for a picture on go on your way, lots of people were there for the meet & greet.

But to be able to have a long conversation with one of your heroes... that's a tough one. Not only the pressure to keep a decent conversation going without sounding like an insane fan who collects their garbage but also them not revealing to you that they are not the person you thought they were.

And you were funny as fuck this episode - and fuck is funny.
R.I.P. Rhian - fuck da ghetto!

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