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Listening to this show talk about fan posts that are nice, followed by posts that are awful got me thinking about my own posts.

I'm a HUGE fan of the Hatch. I like the absurd comedy. I like the music suggestions. I like the inventiveness and the risk taking. I laugh my ass off. I listen to every show. I literally listened to the Dog Ear Books, Bro ep: five times.

This being said. I have posted flattering posts for Danny. I've also said mean shit as well. I don't know what my logic is. It definitely involves being a horrible person. That I will admit to. I also think there's a weird mixture of personality disorder being mixed with a contrarian need to shit on things you love.

In any case. I got blocked by Danny on twitter. Twice! It's clear that he doesn't condone asshole fans. I was reading the 'fan' (person mentioned on this ep) and realized how I've done similar things. Shitting on things, but then defending it with, "But I love the show!" I see how inconsistent and confusing that is.

Welp. This was way weirder and longer than it need to be. Could be a little too late. Could just be weird and uncomfortable. But I felt it needed to be said. I'm going to listen to the show regardless. Reply or don't.

Also TTSWD's inability to end each show; is in and of itself, a hilarious delight. IT's a funny moment where you're not sure if they're done recording. Then you hear the intro to Brolo or Myka's or whoevers next in VIP feed.

You kind of get that last chuckle as another show begins. LOL. I guess Danny's show has ended!
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