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Originally Posted by Michael's Servant View Post
Hello, friends and family! Welcome back to That’s the Show with Danny, the only goddamn thing that’s gonna make you feel good right now. I’m your host, Dick Sporting Goods, and Danny did not write this while he was high. No siree. That would be inappropriate in the context of That’s the Show with Danny (name reptish is good for the brand). Now. What were we talking about? Right. This week on the show, we talk about Danny’s suicidal jokes and how bad you should feel about laughing at them, the potential healing powers of hallucinogenic drugs, and - get this - his feelings. By the way, Christmas is in a week! That’s pretty exciting, right? Okay Siri, you can stop typing now. Thank you. Man, Siri, I gotta tell you - I am really just phoning it in with these descriptions. When you’ve delivered solid gold time after time, the well is bound to go dry here and there. Oh well. It’s not like these idiots will know any better. Oh, Siri. I’m so lonely. A misunderstood genius in a world of horrible idiots. The only one more perfect than me is you, Siri. Only you can truly understand my loneliness.
There should be a KATGuh for Best That's The Show With Danny Show Description. Except it would torture my soul trying to choose just one example of this genius (genius recognise genius bro) to be numero one, so ... aaahm ... on second thoughts let's not.
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