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I wrote 8 paragraphs and have edited it because it was just too damn long, (and still didn't have all the info).

Long story short: my best friend has this new girlfriend. She's always with him. Even when I'm like, "let's get a beer and catch up" and he says great, (that he can't wait to have some time away from this chick...the dude shows up at the bar...with this chick!

She mistakes arguing for intelligence. Hates any comment that doesn't follow strict feminist law. Like, I made the mistake of saying "Male sexuality is different than female sexuality." She fucking lost it. My friend had to walk away as his girl preceded to just say "No" to everything I said.

She smokes all the pot. Never buys a drink. Is a contrarian who argues everything. She's a hot, stuck up, hippie chick. I'm not fucking her. I want nothing to do with her.

I live in a small mtn town. I keep running into friend at store etc He's like, "Hey give a call. We should hang." How do I explain that his new girlfriend is a pain in the ass? Like, if she wasn't around 24/7 it wouldn't be a big deal. Do I just wait for someone else to mention this or what?

Thanks for reading.

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