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A+ ep. Thank you Danny for making it happen. Not sure about the new Mountain Goats' sound. Might be too upbeat. I like when bands try something new, but it usually takes a bit to get used to.

Also, you did a great job during Marathon. I wonder how much time total you did..? Seems like you were on quite a bit. You held down the fort nicely is what I'm trying to say. So cheers. I got very excited about calling in when Chris Laker and you were on.

I've been listening to his album and wondering if maybe he had like, an epiphany about comedy after his car wreck. Anyways. You were both very nice about my call in. In retrospect, asking two comedians, "How do you know if you're funny?" Might be the dumbest question I've ever asked. You were both very nice and sweet about it though. Does asking if you're funny indicate that you are NOT funny?

If you're reading this; I gotta ask. Can you talk about your first time on stage sometime on show? I think there's a youtube video of you in highschool... Is that your first time?

I'm looking forward to hearing that bonus hour. Also my call in to Keith, (as that was kinda blurry) but also looking forward to hearing Rosa's calls. I gotta say. Rosa call-ins were a big factor in making Marathon special this year.
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