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I never thought of that. If you're a loser in the office, be the guy with the folders and not the pad.

Like being a waiter: Always be pretending to make or get a drink. You can't pretend you're carrying a steak.

Or just do your work. It can't be too hard if you can get away with that stupidity.


I wonder who would fuck Steven Tyler faster: Sarah or Brolo. Place your bets.

I picture Steven after he fucked Sarah looking at his audio box yelling, "WHY ARE ALL MY KNOBS SO OFF AND SO CRA - Oh. I see... Sorry man. Can someone reset this though?"

Brolo: "Yeah I got it."

Steven: "Thanks, Bro!"

Brolo: "Bro or bro?"

Steven: "Huh?"

Brolo: "Nothin'. I got it." mumbles: "song and daaaaaaance, my friend..."


"Don't tell her if you see her." I loved that.


The Card talk: It inspired me to finally write down my CARD thoughts. I am now officially writing down my stand-up, and thanks to Brother Love.

"The dragon swoops you into the volcano..."

I picture a maitre d at the end of it: "You enjoy that trip, my lady?"

"Yes! My man is the best! And now the card! I love it all!"


"But I hired a dragon before you were born!!!"
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