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Guys, should I really have sent my folks an episode of what's a show, who's danny? Maybe not, but they did ask to see it and I figured I was better off curating the experience and quelling their curiosity than letting them seek it all out on their own...

plus I just love that episode with Tom Sharpling! AND while it contains quite a bit of dick sucking discussion (not exactly the first thing you want to tell your parents about your new beau), I honestly bet my dad laughed the hardest at the 'Republican Hello'.

For the record, here's exactly what my father had to say in his email:
"I liked Danny's video. He seems sweet and nice, and very personable. I have to admit not understanding exactly what makes his show a 'show', as it seems like some nice, bright young people hanging out & bull-shitting...Then again, that's all TV talk shows are, so whatever..."

Honestly, that's a great review from a man who's never listened to a podcast and is generally pretty dismissive of most popular media. A+ Danny.
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