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Hi BroLo,

Fun show as always. I was cracking up listening to you being perplexed by the point of non-flushable baby wipes.

Flushable wipes have to be able to come apart in the sewer or septic and are more like wet TP. Baby wipes on the other hand have no such requirement, and when you are changing diapers, frankly you don't want them coming apart. In any case, it does not matter at all that they aren't flushable, because you use them with diapers...which definitely aren't flushable. With disposable diapers, you pretty much just end up wadding the wipes up inside the diaper and chucking the whole thing. Yes, this ends up smelling freaking horrible.

For disposable diapers there is even a thing called a diaper genie, which is essentially a sealed trash can with a neverending trash bag tube so you can twist it after each 'deposit'. The idea is that this creates an additional seal. This is great in theory and all, but soon the entire rancid assembly seems to ferment and take on an unholy odor of its own. I'm glad my kids are wellllll beyond that age.

Thanks for the if I can just get that Baker Street earworm out of my head!
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