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Originally Posted by Scat View Post
4 months is pretty brutal, I got past the first world pretty quickly but I had the advantage of watching someone else play on youtube a lot before I started. A Yeti tattoo would be pretty cool I think!

Right now some friends have got me into DayZ, a pretty technically flawed game but I'm enjoying playing with them. I just pre-ordered Hotline Miami 2. I loved the first one (the soundtrack in particular is great), so really looking forward to the new one.
Well I played it for about a week, then quit it for a month cause i was so annoyed that i was so bad at it. When I picked it back up, it was magically easier, and now my bf says he's jealous of my spelunking skills. I just beat Yama on the xbox yesterday (previous win was ps4) which I think is the worst system to play it on. I guess once you do it once, it's way easier. Steam is next and then I can start the torture of trying to do a speed run (with/out the teleporter? i hate the teleporter..)..

Aside from that I finished Stick of Truth which was totally worth more than the $20 I paid for it. Lots of fun and I'm a sucker for collectables.

Hotline Miami is nuts. And yes, the soundtrack is fucking awesome
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