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Originally Posted by iheartnihilism View Post
Well I played it for about a week, then quit it for a month cause i was so annoyed that i was so bad at it. When I picked it back up, it was magically easier, and now my bf says he's jealous of my spelunking skills. I just beat Yama on the xbox yesterday (previous win was ps4) which I think is the worst system to play it on. I guess once you do it once, it's way easier. Steam is next and then I can start the torture of trying to do a speed run (with/out the teleporter? i hate the teleporter..)..

Aside from that I finished Stick of Truth which was totally worth more than the $20 I paid for it. Lots of fun and I'm a sucker for collectables.

Hotline Miami is nuts. And yes, the soundtrack is fucking awesome
I've done the Spelunky speed run, if you take out the shopkeepers you should have lots of bombs for Olmec, and it's not too hard. The only achievement I don't have is the non-treasure run - I've gotten so close, but it's incredibly frustrating.

Stick of Truth was a really fun game (moreso for the story than the actual gameplay), I found the last level pretty gross, but it is South Park after all.

I just started to play Hitman: Absolution but I might not have access to my gaming PC for the next month, so it feels like a big tease.
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