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Patricia Arquette may have had a wonky speech, but let's not forget that she was great back in the day in True Romance; as well as recently in Board Walk Empire. Those tits are truly incredible and timeless.

This was a great ep. Nice to hear Chemda and Keith both back in the studio. I really liked Rosa's call in. Not so sure about dEad's. I didn't know when you call in and sound like a creepy stalker, (and so nervous you start to panic) that the go-to move, was to shit on me.

"Uhhh Uhhh. I stood next to Chemda, back in 2006...but I didn't say hello...uhhh uhhh. Fuck Piffle! Am I right? Uhhh uhhh..."

dEad. I like you. If you are going to shit on me though, I do ask that you make it more funny. Perhaps less pathetic. This is, (after all) a comedy show.

Peace and Love. Peace and Love.
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