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Originally Posted by PsychoLoco View Post
I enjoy burning pictures of Putin, long walks on the beach, and shooting down commercial airplanes.
Semantically, semetics (as I now know, thanks to KATG) may well be all types of camel jockeys; but we all know that if someone is referred to as "anti semetic", they're being accused of hating Jews.

Originally Posted by invader View Post
And actually that screen print is pretty accurate since niggers isn't an actual race either.
OK, so I'd be fine walking around your hood yelling "I HATE NIGGERS", and when the local youths of colour take exception, I'll just point out that I can't be a racist, and then we'll all drink some 40's and have a few laughs?

Yeah, you might want to check that you're getting enough oxygen in your MTA booth.
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