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Originally Posted by Eric M View Post
Once in a while, my brain gets trapped in a circular thought of visualizing the logistics of something that completely grosses me out. I've passed out from this at least a dozen times in the last 5 years or so. It's happened to me when people have talked about stds particularly aids.(why I can't listen to that WMN show) It has also happened when I've gotten a deep cut that I stared at too much, and the most embarrassing time and most recent time until now is the first time I put it in a girls asshole. It was never something I had interest in but she wanted it so I tried it. It freaked me out immediately and I went to the bathroom to lie on the floor because I could feel it happening.
Toward the end of this mohel giving babies herpes story it started happening again and got kicked into overdrive when chemda reminded me that this can actually kill babies. I was driving while this was happening. I felt it coming on and immediately took the first turn into a plaza that I saw. I made it about 20 ft away from a parking spot before I felt the tunnels closing and I put my foot on the break. It was night time so there werent other cars around thankfully. I came to listening to keith talking about something else. My car was left in drive but thankfully I held my foot on the break. I don't know how long I was disassociated and didn't dare start rewinding the show to figure it out. So I could've died but didn't. That's always a rush. Thanks for the thrill katg!
I totally know what you mean.

The exact same thing happened to me the first time I heard that I could get 500 business cards for under $10.
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